jueves, 12 de febrero de 2009


Otra incógnita desvelada gracias a los lectores del blog: el caso del visitante alado que, por cierto, sigue visitando mi planta florecida, ya tiene solución.Un anónimo (Es difícil dejar un mensaje en Blogger para los que no tienen una cuenta de Gmail) lo identificó como un mosquitero común (Phylloscopus collybita) y, además, dijo que por estas fechas los mosquiteros musicales (Phylloscopus trochilus), mi otra opción, están en África. ¡Caso resuelto!

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  1. The wonders of the internet!

    There are chiffchaffs in the UK too,(although as you point out they are all on holiday in Africa right now).

    We also get Red Kite's flying over our house-they have been re-introduced into Britain..... from Spain :-)

  2. It’s funny John. You Britt’s always know about birds. I know bird watching is one of the national pastimes in U.K. I travelled extensively along Great Britain and I remember very well the times (eighties?) where you only had a few Red Kites left in Wales, and people travelled from all the Great Britain just to try to see them. I was pretty surprised because we have plenty in Spain. A few years ago I did the photographs for a book on the Douro River, and I never have never seen such a lot of Red Kites , in the way from Salamanca to the Portugal border, in my life. There were plenty of Black Kites as well. Anyway, is a privilege to have Red Kites flying over your own house. By the way, where do you live?

  3. Hi Paco,
    Send some black kites too :-)
    I live in Rothwell in the english midlands.
    Tap NN14 6TZ into google maps and you should be able to see where I live on the satellite picture.
    See the park? We have Tawny Owls that hunt there at night!

  4. Small world John. When I studied at Barcelona University I used to spend every summer working at student’s camps in UK to learn English. And I went always to the same one, somewhere between Kings Lynn and Wisbech, where I picked strawberries and worked at the local fruits factories. As you can see not too far from Rothwell.